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Sav-Up with Friends!


Sav-Up with Friends!

It is time. It’s time that we take a breath and realize that it’s ok to compete with one another. And to facilitate that I think we need to have ourselves an evening where we can all get together and enjoy some organized workouts where you get to go outside your comfort zone a little more than usual.

November 25th, we will be canceling our normal scheduled 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes and hosting a fun event that will be set up for the benefit of you! You have been working hard, and you deserve the opportunity to express your new found fitness. The event will begin at what would be the normal 5:30 hour, and will feature a classic class structure. The only difference is that instead of training, this will be a test. And a test is something that we can retest… or maybe this will be a retest If you want to come to the normal workout that is totally fine, but we invite everyone to come and socialize. The workouts will be scored, and your name will be on the whiteboard, and you will wake up the next day and continue living your normal life. This is not the end all test, so take it for what it’s worth. Oh and by the way… we are going to have one award handed out. Best mover !

“When I’m done making these boxes, I want everyone saying  ‘damn who made these.'” – Dustin Pappas


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