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Masters Rock


Masters Rock

The CrossFit Games season lasts from February to August. For most of us it only lasts 5 weeks during the Open, but some folks move on to the next stage of competition. For the past 4 years Barbara Pappas has reached that next stage by earning the chance to compete in the Masters qualifier. Here is a piece written by Barb about her experience in this years qualifier.


Today is a good day. Today I can truly let go for the first time in about 11 weeks and just lay on my bed.
January was a month of patience and building mental confidence while the body was sick, slow and wheezing. It also was a month of a second round as a trainer at the gym. During the last days I was finally unlocking the gate at 5:45 am again, sitting on the AB every day and strapping into my lifters.
February brought a second knee surgery for my beloved son Nick and a fast count down toward the Open. Train smart not more, help out but don’t hover, trust and then really trust the process. Bridget had signed up and ‘it was on’. She is the most coachable athlete I know and she became my fitness twin. Programming all aspects and then some was on fire.
In March our rocket was in full flight. I had proof, results, success and plenty of fuel week after week. Mental strength as a substance was real for the first time after 5 plus years of evolving into a CrossFitter. And then the Open was over and only I had another deadline 4 weeks later. That took some adjusting, some solid mental power, and then I was sick again.
Finally in April the 4 Qualifier wods were released and boy did they surprise me. Good thing! Keith lived them as much as I did, he just didn’t submit his score. Thank you for knowing me well, Keith, accepting my 101 specific needs, and for playing the part that added so greatly to my success in each performance. Thank you to Jen Montalbano, Jim Harding, Will Bomar, John Hinds and, of course, Bridget for doing the wods with me. That was new and special.
Christina Hasek, thanks for your thoughts and great laughs at the right time, Nick thank you for great pictures and for being you, Micayla, your HSPU cues were invaluable, Dustin, you are my ‘core stability’ and constant reminder of that.
The Masters at CrossFit Sav-Up have earned their spot!
Blink, and you just became a Master yourself.


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