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CrossFit Pre-School

CrossFIt Preschool Class

This is our youngest group of athletes, and the one goal above all else to pair their perception of fitness with fun.This class is always unloaded (no weight), and is centered around games, and playing. All we do is steer the games towards basic movement such as squatting, pressing, hanging, jumping, and tumbling. Social, and emotional skills are also addressed in class. This class is 20 minutes long, and takes place during our Summer CrossFit Preschool Program.

If you have any questions for either program, please contact [email protected] or call 707-775-6047 ext. 3

CrossFit Preschool Program

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday


The Summer CrossFit Preschool Program offers a variety of activies that center around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, Art, Math). Building and creating with blocks and legos, child directd art, imaginative play, outdoor play, sensory activities, cooking project, and educational iPad activities are all a part of the program. Matching these with movement provides an environment that pairs fitness, learning, and fun. 


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